Are other people hiking with you?
This is a single person event but others are more than welcome to join on various sections! It is expected that 1,000 people will attempt to hike the entire PCT this year for various reasons. I'm going to meet some amazing people!

How are you going to carry that much food to last you 5 months?
I'm a beast and I live off the land (wink, wink)... In all seriousness, I will enjoy doing some fishing in lakes along the way, but I will replenish my food supplies by hiking into small towns. Food will be supplied to me in towns or people are welcome to mail me food, etc to anyone of these towns along the way. Click here to see a list--> Resupply Points.  If you do want to send something, just make sure to let me know because I will not be stopping in all of these towns unless I need to pick something up. I'm keeping my options flexible.

Where will you sleep?
I will find a comfy patch of ground and set up my sleeping bag for cowboy camping (no shelter), or I will set up my tarp or lightweight bug net tent. This all depends on the area that I am in.

Most wildlife won't bother you and are generally curious creatures. Bears through the Sierras are like circus animals that want food, and not you. They can smell 7 times better than a bloodhound and 2,100 times better than a human. A bear 20 miles away, can smell the candy bar in my hand. I am planning on hanging my food in a flexible bear sac, at night, to give them something to play with (wink wink), but ultimately, my food will be protected. Click HERE to watch videos of this amazing contraption. 

Mountain Lions aren't generally known to stalk humans, but there have been cases. Best thing to do is get as big as possible, which will be interesting for me, considering I'm only 5'3. It's key to stay aware of my surroundings and know how to properly act. Worst thing I can do is crouch down or start running; I'll just have to stand my ground with a weapon in hand if it were to come to that. Last year a lone girl hiker from Australia encountered 2 mountain lions at night. ClicHERE to read her story and view her videos of that night.

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