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The Pursuit Zone chose to interview me for a podcast describing my journey on the PCT for Multiple Sclerosis. The pursuit zone is about finding inspirational people who escape their comfort zones to pursue their ambitions. 

KMVT NEWS did a quick video clip of me taking about what I am doing, and why I am doing it. 

A Backpacker's Life is a fun blog to check out. Ryan Grayson did a fun interview with me, and he will also be interviewing more adventurers. I might even pass him on the trail. He is hiking south bound. 

The Adventure Blog is a great blog for any adventurer to follow. Featuring stories, pictures, and videos from spectacular events, people, and places. 

Pohora is a Czechloslovakian website, with many followers, geared towards inspiring adventures in others with amazing stories and also giving them some information to exceed in their journeys. Google Translate is great for translating the language and getting an idea of what they are saying about the Pacific Crest Trek for MS. 

Jabber Walk is a fun little blog about breaking barriers and more. Click to see the interview with this blogger. 

 Mountain Matron is a big city girl spending her time outdoors. This is a fun blog and she seems like an amazing person. Click to see her interview with me. 

Landon Faulkner's Blog was a sort a sweet interview. He is the creator of #makeadventure. He believes life should be an adventure no matter what. I agree! Check it out.

Travel 4 Food Fun is a blog dedicated to sharing the adventures of the world with their readers. Tom and Lora have traveled many places, and want readers to be able to experience it with them! 

Peaks and Peanut Butter is a blog about thru-hiking, peak-bagging, sport climbing, pushing personal limits, and finding new adventures. The writer describes herself a lot like me. This is someone I'd enjoy meeting one day!

Summit Stone Adventure is a blog about giving back and passing forward. You see, if we all lived this way, think of how self less the world would be. Quite a utopia, but there are those few who make the world around us that much better. 

Hiking the Wild is a blog loaded with tons of informational things to get you prepared for hiking, along with some other informational tidbits. Pretty neat! Check it out!

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