I am going to leave all of my pages up because I can still be reached here. Below is a video that was just created about my father. I love him to death, and I want to share with you the man that I hiked 1300 miles for... Click the link below.

KMVT NEWS did a little blurp and interview with me. What I'm doing, and why I am doing it.

Hello! I am hiking 2,650 miles on the pacific crest trail in honor of my father who has lived with multiple sclerosis since the year 2000. Check out an interactive map of the PCT.  The hike starts on April 24, 2014 in Campo, CA and ends in Manning Park, B.C. It will take about 4-5 months to complete. With my home and few necessities strapped to my back, this is bound to be a wild ride!

My father has always taught me to work hard, be adventurous, and love others. It is the simple love one shows to smile, laugh or have a small conversation with a perfectly good stranger.

Multiple Sclerosis affects people in the prime of their lives, between the ages of 20 and 50. Every hour someone is newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. More than 2.5 million people worldwide live with this unpredictable disease. The symptoms of MS are different for everyone - the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day.

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Thank you for your support!
Donations can be received anytime between now and when the hike ends in September 2014. To donate, click the donation tab near the top of the page and follow the link to the my page on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society web page. 

Lets Move Forward Together!
Currently, there is no cure for MS. The money that is raised will be used to find the cause, treatment, and ultimately the cure of multiple sclerosis. The money is also used to provide education, information, direct financial support, and scholarships to individuals and families living with MS. 

Please join me in the movement to end multiple sclerosis!


  1. I found Your videos on YouTube and think its awesome you are hiking the PCT and raising money for MS. Keep up the good work Megan.

  2. Great and easy-to-understand tutorial, thnx!

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  3. I have had MS for over 30 year myself and think what you are doing is wonderful. In fact, I am considering doing the same thing soon. Reading your story gives me inspiration!