April 9, 2014

Attaching Solar Charger to Bag

My Suntactics solar charger is going to be a key element in keeping in touch with all my readers.  This way, I can use the sun for power, take pictures, and post stories when I get service.

I didn't want to deal with a lot of straps and difficulty, so this is what I put together. I used industrial strength Velcro, so I can slap the solar charger on, and tear it of whenever needed. I can put whatever I'm charging in the top pocket of the bag. It's perfect!

Just for safety measures, if the Velcro fails, I attached a hair tie and a carabiner that can quickly attach and detach from my bag for easy access.

We'll see how it holds up over 5 months!

April 7, 2014

A Puffy Predicament for Quasimodo

This morning I woke up in my tent feeling amazingly refreshed from a good night's sleep. There was one problem. My eyes felt huge and would only open halfway. Being that I was sleeping in my parent's back yard, I ran inside to see my eyes puffed up to twice their normal size. I started laughing and exclaimed, "I ATE Quasimodo!"

April 3, 2014

My Dad's Poem About Multiple Sclerosis

Here is a Poem my dad wrote some time ago. I asked him if I could share this poem. He's always loved to express himself through writing. Because he is full of jokes and laughter, it is easy to think he is doing just fine. He is stubborn, and will never show how he feels. To him, it's pointless. Nothing will come of letting people how you really feel. MANY people with Multiple Sclerosis feel this way, and that's what keeps them going, but a piece of them wants to be understood. Here is what my dad has goes through. He has had M.S. for 14 years now. 


By Richard Bullers

MS took me for a spin
Hurt like hell to work again
Made the colors around me
Take a bow to the beauty I see

I never noticed the joy with in me
Never noticed the sky so bright
Never noticed the stars at night
Winking their joyful delight

So much I cry not knowing why
I hide it so well no one knows
The tears and I can’t feel my toes
The years I hid the galling pain

Depression from the chafing

Those white spots in my brain
I saw the pictures of ghosts dead
Within the night mare in my head

Lift me up, let me fly away
I’d love to end this dreadful pain
So I won’t have to face another day

But God is my hope, he lives today

April 1, 2014

Good Luck from David Horton

This is awesome! David Horton who ran the entire PCT in 2005 wishes me luck with my endeavor. Being a runner myself, this is truly inspiring and am so happy Larry Kelley (who runs in the event "MS run the US") took the time to tell David about my event. I'M COMPLETELY STOKED! Check out David's inspiring video called, "The Runner".

March 3, 2014

Life is Great: Summary!

From living on a farm to being a trail crew leader, to firefighting, to city life promoting other companies, to falling on my face and picking myself back up instructing Zumba in a small town, to following through with my Dental Hygiene degree, to my next adventure of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for Multiple Sclerosis as I've dreamt since 2006. 

Life is Great and and most people mean well. Good times, rough times, chill times... It's great thinking about the people who have touched my life so far. Even the ones who won't read this who are graceful strangers, only spreading good through the world just because they can. It gets crazy out there, but most people truly do mean best for the most part. 

Here is a fun picture I took of Rob (photographer, my adventure soulmate) at Multnomah Falls during the ice storm that barreled its way through the gorge. 

January 27, 2014

September 11, 2013

Ice Lake and Matterhorn in the Eagle Cap Wilderness

Spoiled with beauty; that's the theme of this venture!  

As I stared across Ice Lake, I was reminded of how clean this Earth can be. This absolutely clear oligotrophic oxygen filled lake refreshes your inner being that humanity can so easily strip away.  Only adventures with a like mind and heart find themselves embracing every second of this absolutely breathtaking area.  In my efforts to show my readers the beauty of this Earth, I've realized there is no way a picture or video can suffice. The human body is miraculous in what it can sense, and therefore the euphoria it can experience with in a moment's time. Check out more pictures I found of the Ice Lake area!