May 29, 2014

Losing my Money and Dodging a Bullet on the PCT

My exciting day:

If you want to get to the good stuff, skip to the bottom. 

6 am: Didn't accept a ride who wanted to charge me $20

2 pm: Meat Sean, a really nice guy who said he'd drive me to the trailhead at 4 pm

4 pm: Sean drove me (with his cute 4 month old German Shepard puppy) 13 miles up a windy road.

4:15 pm: I tell Sean that I always get nervous that I'm going to leave something in town. 

4:25 pm: I hike up the trail 1/8th of a mile to have the realization that I accidentally threw my money away.

4:30: I run back to find Sean still at the trailhead who graciously gives me a ride down.

5:00 I dumpster drive in the Subway trash can to retrieve my money in an old grocery bag.

6:00 I'm back on the trail because he so kindly drove me back up.

6:30 Talking to my parents as I climb Kearsarge Pass, before I'm out of service for 8 days.

6:45 Hear 4 gunshots and a bullet zip right past me. Instantly I dropped and laid flat on the ground yelling, "What the F*** are you guys shooting at?! A*******"

My parents still on the phone... I'm OK, but my poor mom is probably worried sick. 

Now I understand why California has such strict laws.  Stupid people. 

Excuse my language, but it's called for.  I'm done with this day. But I'm alive and I'm free! Lol... Good night!

PS: Someone keeps yelling in the distance like a caveman. It might be a long night. 

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  1. My goodness! As if hiking a massive distance trail wasn't enough - dodging bullets too! What an epic day!