March 3, 2014

Life is Great: Summary!

From living on a farm to being a trail crew leader, to firefighting, to city life promoting other companies, to falling on my face and picking myself back up instructing Zumba in a small town, to following through with my Dental Hygiene degree, to my next adventure of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for Multiple Sclerosis as I've dreamt since 2006. 

Life is Great and and most people mean well. Good times, rough times, chill times... It's great thinking about the people who have touched my life so far. Even the ones who won't read this who are graceful strangers, only spreading good through the world just because they can. It gets crazy out there, but most people truly do mean best for the most part. 

Here is a fun picture I took of Rob (photographer, my adventure soulmate) at Multnomah Falls during the ice storm that barreled its way through the gorge. 

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