July 14, 2013

City of Rocks National Reserve

Rob and I started our 4th of July weekend adventure by driving to the City of Rocks National Reserve near Albion, Idaho. Looking out across the landscape of miles of towering rock formations, it is quite evident that this is truly a climber's paradise.  

When we saw these sloping cracks, we quickly bounded over all of the other rocks to get a better look at a possible free climb with no gear what so ever. 

Here I am staring at this massive rock slope, contemplating my route. There was no doubt in whether or not I was going to take the challenge offered before me. 

Let the challenge begin!

Rob Nearing the top with an amazing view behind him! 

And of course we found some goofy rocks. This one in particular reminded me of a big diaper. 

 A comfy little shelter

 This is what happens when the timer gets set wrong on the camera. Haha! Absolutely beautiful view though!
The City of Rocks is truly a big kids playground! I recommend visiting for a week. There is so much to explore and it is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen! Rob and I only had a day to spend there, but if that is all the time you can spare, it is still totally worth the trip!  

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