July 14, 2013

Shoshone Falls

The 2nd crazy day of Rob and I's 4th of July weekend consisted of a full day paddle board trip to Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho. We started in Centennial Park and traveled upstream under the Perrine Bridge where we saw many base jumpers enjoying their rush of adrenaline for the morning. 

We then paddled to Pillar Falls where we got off and swam around. We then had to pack our gear and paddle boards 50 yards across the rock slabs to put in for the rest of the journey to Shoshone Falls. 

Once at Shoshone falls, we found a little cove to set our paddle boards in so we could go swim around.  As we swam around, we had tourists waving at us and taking pictures from the lookout point. We also climbed up some rock ledges and did some cliff jumping. 

The freedom experienced was completely priceless and worth every breathtaking moment. 

 So many times I have looked at Shoshone Falls from above. Being in side of it and experiencing it will all of my senses made it that much more astonishing.  

Rob and I sitting on the middle of the Perrine Bridge dangling our feet over the edge. Experiencing part of our journey from a different view. 

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