April 3, 2014

My Dad's Poem About Multiple Sclerosis

Here is a Poem my dad wrote some time ago. I asked him if I could share this poem. He's always loved to express himself through writing. Because he is full of jokes and laughter, it is easy to think he is doing just fine. He is stubborn, and will never show how he feels. To him, it's pointless. Nothing will come of letting people how you really feel. MANY people with Multiple Sclerosis feel this way, and that's what keeps them going, but a piece of them wants to be understood. Here is what my dad has goes through. He has had M.S. for 14 years now. 


By Richard Bullers

MS took me for a spin
Hurt like hell to work again
Made the colors around me
Take a bow to the beauty I see

I never noticed the joy with in me
Never noticed the sky so bright
Never noticed the stars at night
Winking their joyful delight

So much I cry not knowing why
I hide it so well no one knows
The tears and I can’t feel my toes
The years I hid the galling pain

Depression from the chafing

Those white spots in my brain
I saw the pictures of ghosts dead
Within the night mare in my head

Lift me up, let me fly away
I’d love to end this dreadful pain
So I won’t have to face another day

But God is my hope, he lives today


  1. Amazing..... Thank you for Sharing!!!!

  2. Thanks to you and your dad for sharing with us.

  3. Lovely poem, and that hope is passed on to you.. thank you for sharing.