April 25, 2014

Making my way to Warner Springs... Mile 210

Blogging is a little hard on my phone, especially when I am trying to make push at least 20 miles every day, but I enjoy this!

An old burn that has beautiful new life growing through. I love the contrast it puts on the land. 

A guy who just graduated high school and wants to explore the world before college. I later named him Zoom. He spotted past me like he was being chased. Haha

I decided to wake up the next morning at 2am and hike under the moon light. It's amazing how much the desert reflects the light. So much that I didn't have to use my head lamp. Amazingly beautiful. 

Ran into this unexpected water cache meant for people who run out of water quicker than they thought. I left it for a desperate hiker because I had enough. While hiking under the moonlight, I don't go through near as much water as in the day time. 

Watched the sunrise on Sunrise ridge. This wasn't planned, but it was a beautiful surprise!

Plopped my feet up on a rock to enjoy my evening view. After hiking 25 miles, I was finished for the day and enjoyed the beautiful view that I was about to fall asleep to. 



"Angie" no trail name yet, but she's pretty cool. 

"Buttercup" a retired Marine

I  found this plant very intriguing

Blue butterfly hiking after her husband's death. She just needed to get out and think.

Got a sprinkle of  storm. Hikers 2 miles ahead of me got dumped on. 

Mile 100!

Walking through the California grasslands.

Grasshopper and coyote

Eagle rock

Finally to my first shower after a week!

Borrowed clothes while getting my laundry done. Ha!

The amazing outdoor shower!

I brought a jet boil stove with me. Other hikers brought this. Wow it's small!

Eating a delicious fish taco!

Dang this song for my dad. Not confident with my singing. This was more of a sentimental thing. 

Monty's song about the PCT.

Goldie Locks. I love her voice!

Saying goodbye to the crew in Warner Springs.


  1. I think your "intriguing plant" is a Utah Agave. The Grand Canyon Facebook page, posted a photo of one. They only bloom ONCE in their life and you got to see one begin that!

    "The Utah agave (Agave utahensis) or century plant was once thought to bloom every 100 years. It actually blossoms once in its lifetime displaying its flowers over 15 feet from the ground. This is one of many agave currently in bloom near Phantom Ranch. - mt (NPS photo by MT)"

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    2. Thanks for the natural history, Ann! nice. (love flora - did a full yr course in plant field ecology at university. So cool.) I'm reading Fletchers', 'The Man Who Walked Through Time'.... Now Megans' blog. How cool is that!